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Putrajaya Wetlands

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Putrajaya Wetlands reflects Malaysia’s response to the challenge of 21st century living. It is also a tribute to the nation’s commitment to sustainable development, with Putrajaya choosing to construct the environmentally-friendly wetlands instead of building a filtration plant to treat catchment water flowing into Putrajaya Lake. 

Straddling across the water courses of Sungai Chuau, Sungai Bisa and three tributaries in the northern part of the city in Precinct 13, the 197-hectare Putrajaya Wetlands ensures that the lake water meets the stringent international Putrajaya Lake Water Quality Standard established by the local authority. 
Unlike most constructed wetlands, Putrajaya Wetlands is built into the main river, by damming Sungai Chuau and regulating the water flow over an extensive catchment. This required a wetland design that could control both water pollution and velocity, particularly during floods. 
The result is a multi-cell and multi-stage design strategy involving the construction of 24 cells, each separated by an earth-filled weir. Each cell was planted with macrophytes, plants that filter impurities by intercepting pollutants. A basic criterion for the wetlands plant selection was that they had to be indigenous to the country because foreign plant species can be unpredictable, invasive or may not adapt well to the local environment. 
Construction involved using mainly local resources in planning, designing, constructing, manging and maintaining the wetlands that have been identified by Wetlands International as one of the largest constructed wetlands in the topics. 
Putrajaya Wetlands has resulted in replicating a fragile eco-system in the heart of the city. It has attracted migratory birds such as the cattle egret to come here during northern winters. There has also been a sharp increase in local bird population and a variety of the fish have been introduced into the waters. The wetlands is an eco-tourist destination, drawing visitors including researches keen to study among other things the value, design and impact of this constructed wetlands the first of its kind in the topics. 
Putrajaya Wetlands is testimony of Putrajaya’s forward-looking and holistic approach to building a sustainable city. An innovative project that marries technology and ecology, this man-made wetlands ranks as the pride of Putrajaya and is set to serve as a benchmark for future urban environmental management in the country. 

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