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School Patio Garden Design Program

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26 April 2014,
Botanical Garden, Putrajaya

School Patio Garden Design Program

Congratulation to Landscape Development and Environment Committee, Local Agenda ( LA21 ) Putrajaya.

School Patio Garden Design Program organized by Urban Forest Division, Landscape & Park Department Putrajaya Corporation and Botanic Garden Putrajaya  in collaboration with Putrajaya Holdings and conducted by YAWA at Botanical Garden Putrajaya. Its aimed to outreach for schools children in Putrajaya.

Participation and engagement programs with focus on young at large from  school children around Putrajaya. Student get well exposed on the important of live harmoniously with nature as part of day to day educational process and related to school syllabus.

Bravo to all parties for great contribution in ideas, planning and development of Putrajaya as one of great city in the world.

Putrajaya aim to participate with The Alliance for Healthy Cities programs through various approach such as actively organizing Local Agenda 21 activity.

News credit to Mr Shafini Ashraq, Ppj.

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