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China-Malaysia Friendship Garden @ Anjung Floria, Precinct 4 Putrajaya

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The China-Malaysia Friendship Garden is a Lingnan-styled garden complete with distinctive Chinese elements and character, located at Anjung Floria, Precinct 4 Putrajaya. 

Named Zhi Yuan, Zhi means the acquaintance of friends while Yuan means an alluring scene of a meeting point, embodying the concept of “one view, same direction”.

The 0.6-acre (0.24 hectare) garden is sited on the permanent grounds of the annual Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival known as Royal FLORIA Putrajaya, making it the first permanent component of the festival.

The Friendship Garden was developed in collaboration with The Malaysia-China Friendship Association (PPMC) to symbolise the 40th anniversary of good bilateral relations between Malaysia and China.

The overall plan of the garden is based on the style of a Lingnan Garden that comprises six major elements – mountain, water, stone, building, calligraphy and plants.

Utilizing landscape limestone from Yingde County in Guangdong Province to construct the mountain scenery, cliff and pool layout, the gentle slope and the spacious cornice, the tower, the deserted lane, the decorative carvings, the contrast of blue, green and yellow colours, the corridor of the bridge and the unique flowers and plants overlooking the scenic lake, together they bring out conspicuously the traditional characteristics of this Friendship Garden.

Paved with coloured bricks and stones, with winding corridors, luxuriant trees, flourishing flowers, exquisite courtyards, and a pavilion reserved for renowned calligraphers and painters, this garden stands erected as a testimony to the long-lasting friendship between China and Malaysia.

For enquiries, please contact our officers:

Mr. Ariff bin Yunus +6016 208 2042 (
Ms Sashikala Nathan +6012 903 6005 (
Ms Nabilah Rahman +6017 258 8174 (
Ms. Nurainnie Ahmad + 016-617 2381 (

Getting here: GPS Coordinate 20 54’45.62 E 1010 40’47.63”

Source: Putrajaya Floria Sdn. Bhd.


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