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Background of Putrajaya

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The idea of building a new city to serve as the Federal Government Administrative Center of Malaysia had been deliberated for a long time. In June 1993 the site at Perang Besar was selected for the purpose based on its strategic location. The first concept Master plan was developed a year later in 1994.

The name Putrajaya was chosen in memory of the nation's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj.

The master plan envisaged that Putrajaya would be built as a 'City in a Garden' and reflecting a 'parkland' setting. Putrajaya would be a city where people could enjoy an enhanced 'quality urban living' in an environment 'rooted in Malaysian culture and tradition' and an environment that embodies the trinity of relationships between Man and his Creator, Man and his fellow Man and Man and his Environment.

In February 1995 work on refining the Master plan was completed and a revised Master plan was approved. Following the approval of the master plan  detailed planning for the 20 precincts commenced and advanced works began on site.

Building a new city is a monumental task requiring the inputs of various groups of people of diverse disciplines and vocations. The task is made even more onerous when the project is implemented on a fast track as in the case of Putrajaya. It was therefore important that all the parties involved in planning, designing and construction, work to a set of well determined objectives.

On 1 February 2001 Tun Dr. Mahathir declared Putrajaya as Federal Territory with the ceremony of handing over Putrajaya township from the Selangor state authorities.

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